Cheese & Marmite Porridge

A big bowl of porridge is one of life’s simple joys: It’s warming and satisfying for the stomach & soul. Oats have numerous health benefits. They lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and are jam packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. What is not to love?!

There is, however, one common problem. The sickly, sweet, gloop like toppings that arrive spooned thickly on top of all bowls of porridge. Golden syrup, jam, chocolate sauce, fruit compote are some of the main perpetrators. People add sugar, fruit, honey; even sprinkles, chocolate chips and cream!

Our dislike of sugary food motivated us to think of a solution. How could we enjoy a bowl of porridge without any of these sweet ‘treats’ (nightmares)?

We needed a savoury bowl of porridge that had massive flavour. We needed cheese and we needed marmite. We needed cheese and marmite porridge.



40g rolled porridge oats

150 ml milk

1 tsp marmite (or to taste)

30g strong cheddar cheese (or to taste)


Put your porridge oats into a pan over a medium heat and carefully add the milk. Bring the mixture to a steady simmer for approximately 5 minutes. Make sure you stir it frequently.


Meanwhile grate the cheese and get your marmite ready!

After the 5 minutes of simmering is up, check your porridge consistency. Too runny? Simmer it for a bit longer. Too thick? Add a splash of milk.

Take the pan off the heat and add the cheese and the marmite. Mix it well so all that delicious marmite is incorporated and the cheese is melted.   


We love eating this at any time of the day. At breakfast, lunch or even as a late night snack whilst we peruse the cooking channels. If you want to be lazy like us, you can even use a quick-cook oats sachet. Simply make the porridge according to the pack instructions and add your cheese and marmite just before eating.


This porridge is great on its own, but you can elevate the flavour by adding anything you desire. The porridge is your oyster. Here are some of our creations:

Oozy fried egg:


Sliced avocado and chilli:


Roasted herby cherry tomatoes:




So, delicious!


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